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Hubsche - Podiatrist Designed Shoes

Essentially, children's feet are unlike ours and so they do not walk like us. These shoes are designed by specialists based on the physiological traits and biomechanics of children to aid proper physical development.

Foot development
     The first 5 years of life is very important for the foot development. The type of shoes that parents buy for their kids and directly affect the development of their child’s feet. Getting the proper shoes and size can prevent a lot of problems later in life. Most feet problems that adults have are due to lack of proper feet care when they were growing.
      So, put quality footwear on your children's feet and they  will thank you for it in the future. Children should wear shoes that are light and flexible. Their feet also perspire significantly hence, their shoes should be made of materials that breathe and preferably anti-bacterial.

Things to watch for when choosing shoes for kids:
1)  Light, soft and flexible sole
2)  Non-skid bottoms
3)  Make sure it’s not restricting the movement around
     the ankles
4)  Breathable material
5)  Fits properly – not too tight or too loose
6)  Front of the Shoe should not be pointy to give enough
     room for their toes to move freely

When Will Baby Start Walking?
    Children develop at different speeds but most children learn to walk between 9 and 18 months. It all depends on their individual development of the muscular strength and co-ordination skills.
     Before babies can start walking, they must first learn to pull up, stand and eventually stand from a seated position without having to hold on to something.
    Once they have mastered the technique of standing, cruising begins. This is when the baby walks around with the support of items around them or by holding on to someone.
 Occasionally, they may remove their hands and stand alone for a brief moment. When they start taking their first unaided steps, they’ll be wobbly and walk with their feet wide apart. They’ll also be holding their arms out to keep balance. At this stage, it is very important to have properly fitted shoes to help provide the stability and protection needed to encourage them in their efforts and help them enjoy those all-important first steps.
  Shoes should be flexible and allow enough room for the baby’s toes to wiggle but not too big as to make them more prone to tripping and falling. Shoes with wide front work best for babies learning to walk. The most important thing is that baby shoes need to be replaced often. Shoes that are too tight or even too loose can cause problems in feet development.
     From the time your child starts walking till they turn 5, their feet are constantly developing and growing. Remember, it is important that from the first pair of shoes till they are 5, that they need light, soft and flexible shoes that are skid resistant. 

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